TASK Synergy Group embraces the culture of safety which means, all accidents are preventable. We work hard to develop a company culture in which QHSE is equally important to all business activities.

A well-managed safety process, quality equipment and trained personnel are the cornerstones of a safe work environment.

Our proactive approach to QHSE ensures that all our activities are carried out in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner, it will also ensure that our customers are provided with safe, knowledgeable and well-trained personnel.

Every TASK Synergy Group employee is required and has a responsibility to immediately report non-compliance of our safety protocols to their immediate supervisor without fear of punishment, and has the authority to “stop work” at any time if they feel like they are in an unsafe situation.

We are committed to educate and influence our employees so that they embrace health, safety and environmental policies, practices and procedures to continually improve our QHSE performance. We also educate our employees to think Safety First on every task assigned to them and never to cut corners to increase profits at the expenses of good safety practices.

Board of Directors:

Emilio Moreso Grion – General Manager
Noa Paulo – Deputy General Managert
Adelino Pereira – Deputy General Managert