Through our subsidiary companies, we have invested heavily in Luanda and Soyo in terms of infrastructure and people. To this extent, it is pertinent to note that TASK Synergy Group has created a permanent presence in Soyo through TECSEP and SGA. Our strategic position in Soyo allow us to provide a full range of services to Soyo based Oil & Gas operators 
such as, ENI Angola, Esso Angola, Maersk Oil and to the LNG Plant though Sonagas.

The scope of our product and services issummarized below but can also be found in more detail by following the link to our subsidiary company websites.

TECSEP - Tecnologias & Servicos de Petróleos
Filtration & Tank cleaning Servs Fishing &Remedial Services Fishing Services Down-Hole Drilling Tools Oilfield consumables Tubular Inspection Services

Filtration and Tank Cleaning Services

With partnerships, We deliver a comprehensive scope of superior Filtration and Tank Cleaning Services – combining both conventional automatic and manual Tank Cleaning. Our solutions are based on the utilization of the best local personnel currently available in the Angolan industry today. Our full line of services including filtering any type of brine and the cleaning of follwing facilities:

  • Production Storage tanks on FPSO or onshore
  • Production Separators
  • Skimmer Pits
  • Sump Tanks
  • Scrubbers, Desalters and Treaters
  • CPI/Wemco, Produced Water Flash Vessel
  • Dearators, Bed Filters
  • Close Drain Systems, Open Drain Systems
  • NABM, Brine, Base Oil Tanks and SILOS
  • Dehydrators
  • Isotanks

All TECSEP personnel assigned to a specific project will be properly trained and fully certified for their assigned duties, including the precautions adopted by TECSEP to ensure safe handling and management of NORM contaminated waste and the mandatory Confined Space Entry and the NORM certificates provided by regulatory agency (AREA) .

Fishing &Remedial Services

Fishing Services

Drilling Tools

Through our partnership with Tercel Oilfield, we offer a wide range of drilling and well construction products as per the scope below:

  • Drill Tools
  • Drill Bits (full range of bits)
  • Roller Reamers
  • Stabilizers
  • Drill Motors
  • Drilling Jars
  • Swivel Master
  • Clean Up Tools
  • Casing Reaming and Shoes
  • Centralizers
  • Conductor Shoes

Oilfield consumables

We stock a wide range of oilfield spare parts and consumables. Our oilfield supplies are of exceptional quality and are API and ISO certified. Our product offer includes:

  • Fittings, Flanges, Gaskets, & Fasteners
  • Safety & PPE
  • Lubricants and Pipe Dope
  • Filter Cartridges

Tubular Inspection Services

  • Visual Inspection of Specialty Tools, BHA Components, OCTG and Drill Pipe.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection of Ferrous components.
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection of Non‐Ferrous components.
  • Dimensional Control / Check to ensure tolerance levels as per Client / Manufacturer Specification.
  • Dimensional Criteria verification and tabulation as per DS‐1(Volume 4) Latest Edition, CAT 3‐5.
  • Third party services for Quality Checks.
  • Riser Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Lifting Gear Inspection.

Sochot Gestão Ambiental Limitada - SGA
Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Waste Management

With the most recent changes in the Angolan environmental regulations, SGA is aimed at providing waste management services for the Oil & Gas Industry. We aim to provide these services from our treatment plant, currently being built in Soyo (northwest Angola).

  • Cuttings Collection & Transportation
  • Cuttings Treatment & Disposal

Our treatment method will be primarily based in thermal desorption technologies, incorporating efficient processes for reclaiming base oil, minimizing waste and preparing solids for disposal. Our facilities will count with a specialized laboratory, where our environmental specialist conducts exhaustive tests for toxicity, biodegradation, recyclability and reuse.

As we examine ways to deliver value to our customers, comply with Angolan environmental discharge regulations, we also discover ways to benefit the environment and the local community

TESCA - Tecnologia e Sistemas de Automacão
Support & Tracking

Continuous Improvement of Facilities

TESCA provides technical assistance service that allows its customers to maintain their systems in order to guarantee the best operational and technical conditions of their installations and the use of energy.

Through technical assistance contracts with its clients, TESCA guarantees a permanent monitoring and optimization of the installations parameters, resulting in an increasingly efficient operation.